Possible Reason Paul Heyman May Not Align with Ronda Rousey

— As reported before, one of the rumors that has been going around involving Ronda Rousey is a possible pairing with Paul Heyman as her mouthpiece given her relative inexperience on the mic. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer speculated that he doesn’t see that pairing happening and the reason might be a silly reason.

— Meltzer says that the way the direction of this storyline is going, Rousey will likely be getting the better of Stephanie and/or Triple H leading up to WrestleMania and if that is the case, he doesn’t see WWE guiding this program in a way where Heyman will get to be booked to outwit a McMahon on the mic and for that reason, he doesn’t see Rousey aligning with Heyman.

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