WWE Royal Rumble Notes

Potential WWE Royal Rumble Spoilers & Backstage News on Possible Returns

— WWE next big premium live event is just over two weeks away and as always is the case with this particular event, WWE often loads up on surprise returns usually in the men’s and women’s Rumble matches. The following are potential spoilers for talent who may be returning to TV at this show:

  • Edge is currently scheduled to return at the Royal Rumble, though it’s unclear whether it will be in the 30-man Rumble or in a singles match against Finn Balor inside a Hell in a Cell as has been rumored. If it’s the latter, it would likely mean he will be back on TV imminently.
  • WWE Hall of Famer and Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix, is also scheduled for the Royal Rumble. As reported before, WWE’s working plan appears to be to have a mixed tag match with Edge and Phoenix teaming up to take on Balor and Rhea Ripley at Elimination Chamber in February in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • PWInsider.com reports that the word making its way around backstage at Raw this week is that Doudrop is scheduled to be returning right around the Royal Rumble as well. She will be back on the Raw brand and has been away for an extended period of time due to an illness.
  • WWE has been considering bringing back Logan Paul for an appearance at the Royal Rumble. Paul, who suffered a knee injury at WWE’s Crown Jewel event, has rehabbed his injury and is reportedly cleared to return.
  • And finally, while many expected Cody Rhodes to be one of WWE’s top surprises at the Royal Rumble in the men’s match, Dave Meltzer recently reported that is not the plan and he will “absolutely not” be in the match. Instead, Rhodes’ return is being planned as in a multi-part series that will build up his return and set him up for a major match at WrestleMania.

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