Powerhouse Hobbs Talks His Match With CM Punk At Last Year’s AEW Rampage Grand Slam

Top AEW Star Powerhouse Hobbs recently spoke with Muscle & Fitness on a variety of topics such as his match against former AEW World Champion CM Punk at last year’s AEW Rampage Grand Slam special.

Powerhouse Hobbs said:

“It was one of those things where I took it personal, as a challenge. I think a lot of people wanted to see what I could do, and how I would act under pressure. You know, I’m a big baseball fan, and it felt like a grand slam that night.”

Powerhouse Hobbs also spoke about his workout routine and how if he takes one day off then that means someone else is working a little bit harder than him, so he just feels bad for whoever’s gonna get in his way because this is his time to shine.

Powerhouse Hobbs said:

“Yesterday I got up at 3 a.m., and had a 5.25 a.m. flight from San Francisco all the way to New York City. That’s right across the country. I was tired and the plane was packed so there wasn’t a lot of room but I got to the hotel, ate, and then I had to get the gym in. I had to get it in, and I felt great afterwards. One off day means that someone else is working a little bit harder than me. I just feel bad for whoever’s gonna get in my way. This is my time to shine, so everybody sit-back and watch… and enjoy.”

You can check out Powerhouse Hobbs’ comments at this link.

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