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Randy Orton’s Uncle Addresses Much-Discussed “Dive” Comments

Barry O., wrestling veteran and Uncle to current WWE Superstar Randy Orton, recently appeared as a guest on the latest episode of The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On whether or not he agrees with Randy Orton’s “dive” comments: “Yeah and the problem is these f*cking baby faces today (excuse my language) want to get over so bad that they don’t want to take any time to tell a story. One of the guys who taught me about that was after I had a match with Ricky Steamboat in the Carolinas. It was for TV and the people were going crazy and it was an unbelievable match. After I thanked him and said that he put me over like a million bucks and he said: “It is my philosophy that if you are working with someone that knows how to work, you let them work. If you go out there and eat somebody up and beat them, you didn’t beat anybody.” If you can go out and you are challenged throughout the match by someone who may be able to pull off the upset than the people will get more involved. That was always one of the most valuable lessons that I ever learned.”

On Randy Orton’s current role in WWE: “Even with Randy and even though he is my nephew, you’ve got to admit that he is a machine. About eight or nine years ago I heard from a source very close to the inner workings (of WWE) that looks straight at me and said that he’s the best guy that they’ve got. Period. The end. That is something that normally someone in that position would not share with me. I think they were stunned and they didn’t think I understood that and I think that is why they came out and said it.”

On if he enjoyed his own role in WWE in the past and if he felt under-used: “I was just doing my job and I felt alright. When I started getting bigger and better there was a little window that opened up for me but it was slammed shut because of a very stupid thing that I did. I don’t blame anybody but me for that. Just like for Randy, I wanted the best success I could possibly achieve and that is exactly what I wanted for Randy and I love him so dearly. But (with Bob) there was never any jealousy.”

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