Raquel Gonzalez On Her Partnership With Dakota Kai, More

In her recent interview with Newshub, Raquel Gonzalez discussed the impact Dakota Kai has had on her own career. The reigning NXT Women’s Champion also shared a little insight on her relationship with Dakota, and more. Check out her comments.

On the influence Dakota Kai has had on her career:

“Dakota Kai has been a huge influence on my rise. Dakota is the only person who believed in me when everyone else said I wasn’t ready. If it wasn’t for Dakota Kai I wouldn’t have made the impact I made in my debut and I wouldn’t have become one half of the women’s tag team champions or one half of the very first women’s Dusty Cup winners. We have made history together.”

On how much her and Kai support each other:

“I wouldn’t be standing here as the NXT women’s champion. Dakota Kai has my back and I have hers – 100 percent”.

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