WWE Network Royalties Lawsuit Dropped

Raven & Bagwell’s WWE Royalties Lawsuit Dropped, Lawyers Reach Agreement

The lawsuit filed against WWE by former wrestlers Marcus “Buff” Bagwell and Scott “Raven” Levy in an attempt to get royalties for appearances on programs included on the WWE Network service was dropped on Thursday after lawyers for both sides reached an agreement.

WWE ended up filing a counter lawsuit against Levy, however both cases were dropped. In the settlement agreement, WWE retained the rights to re-file the lawsuit against Levy if he were to ever file a lawsuit against WWE again.

Levy and Bagwell were represented by Klint Bruno and Matthew Peterson out of Chicago and William H. Clendenen Jr. out of New Haven, while WWE was represented by Jerry McDevitt out of Pittsburgh, Jeffrey Mueller out of Hartford and Jonathan Tropp out of Stamford.

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