Reason Why Ronda Rousey Was Absent From Monday’s Raw

— There are two reports circulating on a possible reason why Ronda Rousey missed Monday’s Raw, despite being advertised for it by WWE:

  • The first report from Pro Wrestling Sheet suggests that Rousey was actually “incorrectly advertised” for the event and that she was never scheduled for it by the company. Instead, Rousey was in Pittsburgh, PA undergoing medical testing. The report adds that it is unclear why the incorrect advertising got out, but once it was posted in one place on social media, all the other departments within WWE ran with it as well.
  • The second report from PW Insider indicates that Rousey missed Raw because she was traveling to the Northeast to prepare for her upcoming WrestleMania 34 match. In fact, on Tuesday, both Rousey and Kurt Angle were seen in Stamford, CT working on their match.

— Either way, it definitely sounds like it was just a miscommunication that explains her absence rather than a no-show or a case of intended false advertising. Rousey is now scheduled for every Raw from now until WrestleMania, but it’s possible she won’t be on TV for all of them but rather featured in a dark segment for the live audience.

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