Pat McAfee

Reason Why WWE Commentator Pat McAfee Missed Last Night’s Episode of Raw

— WWE Raw commentator Pat McAfee missed last night’s episode of the show without much of an explanation from the company. With McAfee’s sports show lately being disrupted by the Wyatt Sick6 group, it led to speculation that perhaps they were behind it especially after a mysterious box was delivered to Michael Cole which ended up being a VHS tape with Uncle Howdy speaking about the death of Bray Wyatt.

— reports that McAfee’s absence was due to a legitimate last second family emergency and not storyline driven. The report adds that McAfee would likely have been the person to receive the box from Nikki Cross but when he wasn’t there, she handed it to Michael Cole instead. It is believed that McAfee will be incorporated into the follow-up to the Wyatt Sick6 storyline in some way which could be a reason why Cole didn’t get into any details on why his commentary partner wasn’t there.

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