Recently Released WWE Lead Writer Speaks On Working With The McMahons

WWE recently released lead managing writer Tom Casiello, who oversaw the RAW and SmackDown writing teams and was a proponent of the Women’s Division overhaul. Casiello took to his Twitter account on Saturday night to address the circumstances of his release, saying that while he was sad to leave the company there was no drama surrounding his release. According to Casiello, the company eliminated the position that he was filling.

“I think the McMahons, despite all their eccentricities and quirks, are AWESOME,” he wrote. “I loved working with them.”

As far as the Women’s Divison goes, Casiello says that while he worked closely with them it was a team effort to revitalize the division. He also credited Vince McMahon for pushing the division, adding that if Vince only does things he wants to.

Casiello noted that he’s lost 12 jobs in his 20 year writing career, and that the release from WWE was business as usual for a writer.

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