John Cena and Roman Reigns

Reigns On Cena Criticizing Him For Mocking Owens: “You Have No Clue What’s Going On”

Roman Reigns took to social media on Friday evening to respond to John Cena, who chimed in on Twitter and got involved after Reigns seemed to “big brother” WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens in response to a video of the two from a recent match that went viral online.

Featured below is the initial video, along with Reigns follow-up tweet where he claimed that his laughter while in a headlock in the video was because of Owens’ WWE merchandise payoffs. Reigns noted that he used to make more than Owens when splitting his merchandise royalties in three with the other two members of The Shield.

This series of events led to Cena joining the fun, as he wrote, “While [Roman Reigns] was making fun of what people earn I was at [Georgia Tech] to #EarnTheDay #recognize.”

A few hours later, Reigns responded to Cena by writing, “What I #recognize is you have no clue whats going on here. So just power clean and make sure you clean your weights up. #GuestInMyHouse.”

Check out the tweets from Reigns and Cena, along with the initial video of Owens-Reigns that kicked off all of the social media fun this weekend.

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