Roman Reigns Appears On WWE: Straight To The Source

Reigns Claims He Is Best In-Ring Performer In The World, Talks Retiring Undertaker

As noted, WWE Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns was the subject of Corey Graves’ interview for the first episode of the new WWE Network original series, WWE: Straight To The Source, this past Monday night. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On working with The Undertaker in what might have been “The Dead Man’s” retirement match at WrestleMania 33: “Being out there with him was incredible. I’ll never forget those things I felt. They didn’t teach us that. They didn’t tell you how to potentially retire The Undertaker or how to take that emotionally, how to accept that responsibility. Obviously, it was a great responsibility and I’m always up to the task, but it was emotional, man. It was way more [emotional] than I thought it was going to be, to be honest. It was a roller coaster of emotions.”

On the respect level that The Undertaker has in the business and how emotional it was working with him: “I’ve been calling it ‘heavy’ as far as the emotions and stuff. It was more than I expected it to be. I want to stand out and be on the very top, but he just plugged in so much time and earned so much respect. It was cool to be able to feel that. I want to achieve that. I’ve never felt that level of respect from an audience.”

On whether or not he considers himself WWE’s “top guy” and making The Undertaker’s “yard” his after beating him: “Every day of the week. This is the top of the mountain here point blank, period. I’m going to bust my ass and do my thing. And it was his yard. It’s mine now.”

On being the best in-ring performer in the world today: “I’m the best performer, in-ring, in the world right now. You can go to my matches and my pay-per-views over the last three years and you can say I’m an idiot or you can be like, ‘man, he has a point.’ Do you know what I mean? I didn’t come here for any other reason.”

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