Renee Young States "I'm Down" For RAW Underground Match With Bayley

Renee Young Interested In RAW Underground Match Against Bayley

RAW Underground has WWE wrestlers and personalities lining up to fight.

During this week’s FS1 Watch Party for SummerSlam ’92, hosts CM Punk, Booker T, and Renee Young discussed a potential future RAW Underground match-up between the current WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley and WWE special contributor Renee Young.

With the introduction of RAW Underground on this week’s WWE Monday Night RAW, dream matches are popping up all over social media. The new platform was introduced by Shane McMahon as a shoot-style fight league on the Red Brand. During the SummerSlam ’92 Watch Party, host C.M. Punk suggested that former WWE Backstage host Renee Young take on Bayley on RAW Underground.

Young’s response during the SummerSlam ’92 Watch Party was not surprising as she stated,

“I would fight Bayley. I would for sure fight Bayley!” Young continued, “She taunts me all the time, she’s always calling me out. She’s calling me out in different interviews saying she wants to fight me. So I’m game.”

This isn’t the first time Young has expressed interest in a WWE match-up with WWE Superstar, Bayley. The two have gone back and forth on social media with an ongoing “feud”. Back in May, Young tweeted:

Renee Young‘s health is back in order after her Covid-19 scare earlier this year. Young is back to her healthy eating lifestyle as she continues to work on her Cookbook which she recently reveled will be released soon. Also keeping a strict work-out regimen, such a match couldn’t come at a better time for Young.

Young concluded her thoughts on the potential RAW Underground match-up by stating to the FS1 Watch Party panel,

“My cardio is at peak levels. … I got nothing better to do, I mean… I’m down.”

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