All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite To Be Expanded To Weekly THREE-HOUR Show Already?!? (9/19/2019)

Report: AEW Considering Adding Third Hour To Weekly AEW Dynamite TNT Show, Cody Confirms Talks

Could AEW already be looking at expanding their live, two-hour weekly show on TNT to a weekly three-hour show? According to one of the many Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs) of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), that could very well be the case.

AEW talent and company EVP Cody Rhodes recently spoke with IGN for an interview, during which “The American Nightmare” revealed that a third-hour of their weekly two-hour AEW On TNT show on TNT, which as we know is now called, “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite” (View AEW: Dynamite TV Show Logo Here) is already being considered before the show even launches on Wednesday, October 2nd from the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C.

A third hour of content is already being considered behind-the-scenes for their weekly TNT tapings. If they do decide to add a third hour to the weekly shows, it is expected that the third hour would air exclusively on Bleacher Report (B/R) Live instead of the TNT cable television network.

Cody explains that this could afford them an opportunity to better utilize their full roster, and keep their passionate fan-base happy.

“It will probably live for people to stream on B/R Live,” said Cody during the aforementioned IGN interview. “We have a lot of resources and we want to make sure that people can plug into the wrestlers who we signed who they’re fans of.”

He added, “We’re going to try and keep everybody busy.”

Check out what is a very interesting, and in many ways a very informative and revealing interview from AEW EVP Cody Rhodes at Social Media Interaction



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