Becky Lynch

Report: Becky Lynch Not Renewing WWE Contract; Plans To Take A Break From Wrestling

— Multi-time WWE women’s champion Becky Lynch did not succeed in her attempt to win back the Women’s World title last night on Raw against Liv Morgan and the end of her WWE contract also hung in the balance. Multiple reports have indicated that Lynch’s deal runs out precisely on June 1 and she has not agreed to an extension or a new contract at this time with WWE. After her loss last night, Lynch posted a message on social media “to be continued” which was assumed to mean that she would be taking a break.

— Wade Keller of is now reporting that Lynch has indicated that she will not be immediately renewing her WWE contract but that she is also not going to AEW “imminently” and instead is looking to take a hiatus from wrestling. It is unclear if that is to spend more time at home with her young daughter or simply to take a break from the grind of the WWE schedule or perhaps due to frustration with ongoing contract negotiations with WWE. It is believed that if Lynch decided to re-sign, the finish of the match last night on Raw would have ended much differently, but as it were, WWE simply wanted to squeeze in one more main event before her deal ran out.

— The report also cited a colleague of Lynch who suggested that they are confident that an agreement will be worked out between her and WWE, especially with husband Seth Rollins working for the company and having recently signed a long-term contract himself.

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