Braun Strowman Update

Report: Braun Strowman’s Behavior Backstage In WWE Is “His Own Worst Enemy”

According to a report at PWInsider, Braun Strowman is his “own worst enemy” backstage, often showing up late to events and leaving early as well. The report adds that Strowman has had trouble backstage with “etiquette” and often makes a misstep right before WWE officials are ready to commit to him as the next big star in WWE and someone to build the Raw brand around, causing the company to cool off on his push.

If this report is true, it could explain why WWE steered away from crowning Strowman as the Universal Champion at Crown Jewel, choosing instead to extend Brock Lesnar’s tenure with the company and putting the title back on him in a match that many people viewed as a squash.

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