Report: Chris Jericho Bit Sin Cara During Backstage Altercation

More details are coming out about Chris Jericho and Sin Cara’s backstage altercation this weekend during WWE’s European tour. While the cause of the friction between the two has yet to be revealed, now reports that the backstage fight escalated quickly from a heated conversation to punching and biting.

According to PWInsider, Sin Cara (real name Jorge Arias, aka Hunico) threw the first blow when he struck Jericho in the head with a punch. The two were quickly pulled apart, but not before Jericho allegedly bit Sin Cara. The version of the story PWInsider heard also has Jericho yelling at Cara after the fight, telling Cara he’ll likely get fired for hitting him. As previously noted, Jericho stated that he wasn’t knocked out in the fight as one source claimed.

Neither men are strangers to backstage altercations. Sin Cara has reportedly gotten the better of Simon Gotch and Sheamus in real-life fights in the past, and Jericho famously stepped to the much physically-larger Brock Lesnar and Goldberg on separate occasions.

The story of Jericho and Cara’s altercation is already receiving media attention from outlets like The Sun and the International Business Times.

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