CM Punk To Star In New Pro Wrestling Drama Series?

Report: CM Punk Tests For New Wrestling Show Produced By Starz

CM Punk recently tested for the cast of a new pro wrestling drama produced by Starz and Paramount TV. According to a report by, Punk was considered for the role after impressing the directors.

The show, currently titled “Heels,” was cleared a few months ago and is expected to premiere with an eight-episode first season. The one-hour drama is reportedly built around the story of two brothers, one a heel and the other a babyface, and the struggles they each deal with both on-camera and behind-the-scenes after the death of their father, a former Georgia-based pro wrestling promoter.

Punk is rumored to be in mind for the role of Jack Spade, the heel brother. The producers also reportedly hoped to cast actors Henry Cavill and/or Jack Reynor as some of the lead roles in the project.

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