Bill Goldberg

Report: Goldberg & WWE Back In “Serious Talks,” Deal Could Already Be Done

It looks like the limited association Bill Goldberg and WWE have could be upgraded in the near future.

Dave Meltzer noted on the latest episode of his “Wrestling Observer Radio” program at that Goldberg and WWE are in serious talks. So serious, in fact, that Meltzer noted that a deal between the two sides could already be done, just not public knowledge yet.

As Meltzer explained, at worst, Goldberg and WWE are in the “very strong discussion stage” at this point, which essentially means they are finalizing terms (if they haven’t been completed and agreed upon already) and all that’s left is for the signature to be made on the official contract.

Goldberg signed a separate deal with 2K Sports to be the special pre-order bonus character for the new WWE 2K17 video game. Per his deal, Goldberg has been making the rounds and has had some fun going back-and-forth with Brock Lesnar and others.

As was the case with both The Utimate Warrior and Sting, it appears that Goldberg’s deal with 2K Sports ultimately led to a direct deal wiith WWE and subsequent storyline return on television.

Stay tuned for updates on the potential WWE return of Bill Goldberg.

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