Report: Longtime WWE Writer Departs Company

— It appears another long-time WWE employee has departed the company. Fightfulselect.com reports that Nick Manfredini – a writer on the creative team – left WWE earlier this year after a tenure that spanned over a decade as he joined the company in 2010. Manfredini was reportedly “heavily influential” in the creation and ongoing creative related to the Firefly Fun House segments involving Bray Wyatt.

— The report adds that it’s unknown if Manfredini left on his own or was let go by WWE but he was known as someone who would often downplay any credit thrown his way but he was put over to others backstage by Wyatt himself. While obvious speculation may tie Manfredini’s departure with Bray’s current absence due to an illness, that is not the case as Manfredini left before Wyatt began missing shows.

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