WWE Fires Top Writer?

Report: One Of WWE’s Lead RAW Writers Fired Last Week

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reports that Ryan Callahan was let go by WWE last Thursday, May 2. Callahan was one of the “lead” writers on the “home team” for Raw and had been with the company for several years. WWE’s writing team is split into a “road” and “home” team with the home writers staying back in their offices and the road team traveling with the company to each of the live events.

According to Sapp, Callahan was not fired for storylines or ratings but rather that he butted heads with Dave Kapoor (who from my understanding is in a role where he oversees the entire Raw writing staff). Kapoor reportedly felt that Callahan “took creative changes a little too personally, and was difficult to work with” thus not setting a good example for the rest of the writing team.

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