Report: The Rock May Be Considering a Match for WrestleMania 35

— Elias has been teasing a confrontation with the Rock and there have been rumors that the Rock could be appearing on WWE sooner or later, schedule permitting. The main talk has Rock being interested in wrestling at WrestleMania next year, and even if he doesn’t wrestle, the expectation is that he will make an appearance in some form or another at the show if he has no scheduling conflicts.

— The Rock hasn’t wrestled in years, mainly due to insurance issues regarding the movies he’s committed to, but at age 46, it’s possible he might want to do just one more match before he’s physically unable to.

— On a related note, there’s also been unconfirmed rumors that with this coming Monday’s Raw in Miami – the Rock’s hometown – there could be either a mention or appearance from him perhaps in response to Elias.

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