WrestleMania 40

Report: Triple H & Roman Reigns Nixed Suggestion By The Rock For WWE WrestleMania 40

— WWE’s WrestleMania XL behind-the-scenes documentary covering the happenings leading into the event has yet to be released but in the meantime both Cody Rhodes and former writer and associate of The Rock, Brian Gewirtz, have gone into some detail to provide insight into how things were constantly evolving with WWE pivoting from Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns to Rock vs. Reigns and then back to the original main event.

— In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported that while the decision was initially made to change to a Reigns vs. The Rock headliner, WWE still had Cody win the Royal Rumble as a way to “keep alive a Rhodes vs. Reigns title match where the belt would change hands”. During the back-and-forth, the report notes that The Rock ended up suggesting an idea where he would defeat Reigns for the Universal title and then turn around and vacate it by becoming the People’s Champion. However, this idea was reportedly nixed by both Paul “HHH” Levesque and Reigns himself and they were both so strongly against it that it was never going to happen.

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