Update On Tactics Planned For The WWE vs. AEW "Wednesday Wars" (9/13)

Report: Vince McMahon To Move NXT TakeOver Head-To-Head Against AEW PPVs From Now On

It looks like the war between WWE and AEW is in full effect, particularly if the reports about Vince McMahon’s latest strategic plans are true.

With the dates for NXT TakeOver not yet announced in 2020 and with the WWE Royal Rumble weekend not including such an event (instead going with a Worlds Collide show on the Saturday before the PPV), the Wrestling Observer Newsletter speculates on if Vince McMahon will follow his “late 1980s playbook” by putting NXT TakeOver on the WWE Network head-to-head against future AEW PPVs.

Not only does it force fans to watch one or the other live, but NXT TakeOver would essentially be “free” for anyone who is already subscribed to the WWE Network, whereas fans would have to pay $50 or more to watch the AEW show on pay-per-view.

We will keep you posted as news from behind-the-scenes in WWE and AEW continues to surface as the “Wednesday Wrestling Wars” continue to heat up.

Another great way to keep up with the latest late-breaking WWE and AEW news and rumors from behind-the-scenes is to follow our lead reporter here at eWrestling, @MattBoone1984.


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