Velveteen Dream

Reports of Former WWE Star Velveteen Dream Working Out at Performance Center Are False

— Recently, there were reports circulating on Twitter that former WWE wrestler Velveteen Dream was sighted at the company’s Performance Center, sparking speculation that he might be returning to WWE. However, multiple sources have since confirmed that these reports are entirely false, and Velveteen Dream has not been observed at the Performance Center.

— According to, which cites WWE sources, the company has no interest in rehiring Velveteen Dream, and his return would be a surprising turn of events. During his time with WWE, the controversial superstar found himself entangled in several serious controversies. Many employees within the company believe that given the allegations against him, it’s highly unlikely that Dream would be rehired.

— also reported that Velveteen Dream is currently pursuing activities outside of the wrestling industry and is focusing on his personal well-being. It remains uncertain whether he has any intentions of returning to professional wrestling.

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