Reports of WWE Sale to Saudi Arabaia Public investment Fund Are False

— Yesterday evening, an unconfirmed report emerged announcing that WWE, the company, had been sold to the entity known as the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund and that upon the sale, WWE would once again be going private. Ariel Helwani of MMA Hour is now reporting that this is report is false (or at least highly premature) as there is no deal in place at this moment that would see WWE sold to Saudi Arabia’s PIF or any entity for that matter. The original tweet from DAZN’s Steve Muehlhausen and all of his replies to other related tweets has been deleted. Other sources apart from Helwani are also refuting that any deal has been struck.

— In other related news, on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke on the negotiations between WWE and the Saudi PIF. According to Meltzer, upon “retiring” from WWE last summer, Vince McMahon opened up dialogue with the overseas entity so this is not something that has suddenly popped up within the last few days. McMahon’s return to WWE was presumably – as he claimed – to begin finalizing any sell off as such a transaction could only be approved by Vince given his voting power within the company.

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