Rey Mysterio Signs A New Deal

Rey Mysterio Joins Aro Lucha As Co-Owner & Wrestler, Does This Affect Rumored WWE Return?

Rey Mysterio has signed to be a co-owner and performer for the new Aro Lucha promotion.

On Saturday, The Tennesseean published an article this weekend announcing that Mysterio had officially signed with the promotion. The article also mentioned that there are plans in place to start a crowdfunding campaign soon that would allow fans to invest into a minority stake of the company.

“I think what we are doing with Aro Lucha being fan-owned is revolutionary,” read the article. “We are giving the fans something they have never had before, a voice and a chance to get in on the action.”

The article also briefly mentioned that Mysterio “was rumored to be considering a return to the WWE,” but it did not specify as to whether or not his new deal to join Aro Lucha as a co-owner and performer kills any chances of him still possibly returning to WWE.

The first season of Aro Lucha will be taped soon, possibly in May or June. The promotion still doesn’t have a concrete television deal, however officials involved with the promotion are continuing to work on it.

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