Rey Mysterio Says Lucha Underground Inspired WWE’s Cruiserweight Division

Former WWE Champion and current Lucha Underground star Rey Mysterio feels that LU influenced WWE to bring back the cruiserweight division. On the latest episode of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Mysterio theorized that WWE took note of the up-start Lucha promotion’s high-flying action.

“I truly believe now that Lucha Underground has been around for three seasons, it was almost a temptation to display the talent that [WWE] had,” Mysterio said. He feels that WWE started running with more NXT talent on RAW & SmackDown “because of what Lucha Underground is doing.” Mysterio added that he feels Lucha Underground is completely different from WWE, and has more to offer than WWE in terms of cruiserweight-style action.

WWE’s new cruiserweight series 205 Live is scheduled to air on the WWE Network on Tuesday nights. The WWE Network series debuts on November 29th immediately after SmackDown Live goes off the air.

You can listen to the entire podcast with Mysterio here.


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