Rey Mysterio On Teaming With Dominik, Representing Lucha Libre

During his recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Rey Mysterio discussed his legacy in professional wrestling. The former WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion also spoke about representing lucha libre and more. Check out a few highlights below.

On representing lucha libre in wrestling:

“I’ve been blessed to be able to play my part in the wrestling world and become a universal name. When people hear the name Rey Mysterio, it is associated with lucha libre, my culture. That is what I wanted to do my entire life. Whether it’s at a wrestling event, the World Cup or the World Series, if you see a mask, it makes people think of me. That represents my whole life journey.”

On continuing the tradition of luchadors from the past:

“My wrestling style helped revolutionize the sport, and that’s why I wrestle the way I wrestle—it’s my way of thanking them all. Without them paving the way, there is no Rey Mysterio. Not only myself, but others like Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis. Eddie Guerrero and Konnan. We were given a chance to change this industry. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to make a mark, and I took advantage of that. I did that not just for me, but those who came before me and those you’ll see in the future.”

On teaming with his son, Dominik Mysterio:

“Dominik didn’t decide to start training until the age of 19 [five years ago], but it’s been an incredible journey ever since he started. I’m so proud of him. I’m his parent and I want the best for him. Watching him wrestle, sometimes it feels like I’m going to high school sports games, wanting him to stand out. I want him to do things the right way. He’s been in the ring for such little time, but he’s stepping in the ring with some of the top stars in the company. I just want to make sure there are no mistakes and no flaws. That’s the way you need to be when you’re in the ring with stars like Roman Reigns and The Usos.”

On the “respect” he has for The Uso’s:

“I’ve known them since Day One, and they’ve definitely earned my respect. I remember them when their uncle Umaga, God rest his soul, was still alive and they were traveling with him. Now they’re grown men, stepping in the ring, and there is a real connection between us. We’re both from a generational family of wrestlers. That’s something you can’t deny. And they’re just so great in the ring.”

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