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Rey Mysterio On WWE’s Cruiserweight: “It Could Be A Pigeon Hole For Some”

This week, Rey Mysterio appeared on Ring Rust Radio to promote the ongoing third season of Lucha Underground on El Rey Network.

Along with a lot of discussion about Lucha Underground, Mysterio also shared his thoughts on the recent addition of a Cruiserweight division in WWE, noting that it will give a lot of talent an opportunity that they might not have ever received. He did, however, agree with the interviewer who asked if he felt it would pigeonhole certain talents.

“It might. This is something Dean Malenko talked about for years. When I was in WWE, he talked about giving that noticeable touch to that cruiserweight division. WCW had it at its best. A lot of the heavyweights and top talents didn’t want to work with the smaller talent and so we created our own division. We had some of the best matches most of the nights. We had hoped WWE would take notice and do the same, and they did for a couple of years. WWE tried it in 2001, but then they dropped that whole division. After so many years it’s finally starting back up. Let’s hope it rises to where it needs to be. I think a lot of the fans want to see the high flying action and be entertained. I don’t think there is a better division out there than the cruiserweights to do that. It could be a pigeon hole for some, but at the end of the day it’s about whatever makes you happy as a performer.”

Additionally, the former World Champion shared his thoughts on the recent WWE departure of Alberto Del Rio (Alberto El Presidente). When asked if his departure would influence his decision to return to WWE in the future, Mysterio said it would not.

“It doesn’t impact me. I think his relationship with WWE was one thing, and I don’t think anybody services what a certain company should affect anybody else, even though we are both out of the same heritage and Hispanic. As far as him coming back to Lucha Underground, I would like to see that. I didn’t get a chance to be in the ring with him at Lucha Underground. His stay there was very brief and when he was setting up in Lucha Underground I was still on my way out in WWE. By the time I came to Lucha Underground he was already gone and it happened so fast. I had some great battles with him in WWE and I would love to do the same in Lucha Underground if he comes back. We had great chemistry in the ring and it’s hard to find that when you have a heel and a baby face but he played such a good heel against me. It’s very catchy when you see both of us together in the ring because we have that good chemistry and we give it to the fans.”

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