Rhea Ripley Says She Feels Like Her Wrestling Career Is Just Starting Up Again

WWE RAW Superstar Rhea Ripley recently spoke with Joseph Staszewski of The New York Post on a variety of topics such as how her lack of matches on television as of late is due to her injury as she wasn’t medically cleared for four months as well as how she only was given the green light to compete a week prior to her return match on WWE NXT last October 18.

Rhea Ripley said:

“A lot of it was the injury. I hadn’t been cleared for the longest time.” “I think I got cleared properly and fully the week before my NXT match [on October 18]. Apart from that, I pretty much wasn’t cleared that whole time [four months]. After that there pretty much hasn’t been an opportunity for me to wrestle because I have been there with The Judgement Day and sort of their muscle. I help them out if they need me. I’m ‘the problem’ as The O.C. would say.”

Rhea Ripley also spoke about how she feels like her wrestling career is just starting up again.

Rhea Ripley said:

“I feel like my wrestling career is just starting up again.”

You can check out Rhea Ripley’s comments at this link.

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