Rhett Titus Appears On The Interactive Wrestling Radio Show

Rhett Titus On Daniel Bryan Training Rumors, Daniel Bryan/ROH, The Dawgs

Ring Of Honor (ROH) star Rhett Titus was recently a guest on The Interactive Wrestling Radio Show for an in-depth interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On his new tag-team The Dawgs: “Woah, woah, woah! It’s the Dawgs! You’ve got to accentuate the “Dawgs” part. So, Big Dog and Little WIlly, we’ve been friends for a while. Took him under my wing at the dojo and that kind of thing. We’ve been traveling together and this and that. He gets very aggravated very easily. Early on, I figured this out. Just to keep myself entertained, I’d like to press his buttons. It just became this thing! (laughs) It got to the point where I’d start making videos of myself aggravating him. I’d put them up on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. They’d be like, “You guys should be a tag team!” All the fans started watching them too. We got booked on an indy tag teaming. Cary Silkin was there. He was like, “This is what needs to come to Ring of Honor right here.” A few short months later, now we have “The Dawgs!””

On their aspirations on becoming ROH Tag-Team Champions: “I’m a former Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion. I’m trying to bring Little WIlly up to my level. Trying to get him up to speed with tag team wrestling. He doesn’t have that much experience with tag team wrestling. Short little run with Cheeseburger but lets be honest, that’s Cheeseburger. That ain’t the Big Dawg! Last week, we wrestled the Motor City Machien Guns and the Hung (Young) Bucks. That’s a good bit of experience to get under our belts. We’re still a little wet behind the ears but we’re getting there!”

On Kenny King winning the ROH TV Championship: “Good for Kenny! He got a shot at the TV title and made the msot of it. We’re long time friends, go back years. I’m kind of sitting back and saying, “Yo Dawg, hey! When are you going to give me a shot?” I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at the TV title! But, good for Kenny. I’m happy for him.”

On reports that he hated training under Daniel Bryan: “That was from an interview I did when I was younger. Going from training with (Austin) Aries to Brian Danielson was a bit of a change. Aries was a more laid back trainer. He said, “I’m not here to be your personal trainer. I’m here to be your wrestling trainer.” I thought that was very cool. Aries was a little more laid back, if you were a few minutes late, don’t worry about it. Bryan, on the other hand, everyday before practice we had to do tons of hindu squats, tons of push ups, tons of everything. And then, we’d learn a little bit of wrestling. I respect wrestling, obviously, and having to pay your dues. I would push myself in the gym and then would have to come and do all these extra squats. Especially on leg day, that was killing me! Bryan was also very strict. Practice would start at 5 O’Clock! I was coming from work at that time. It was about an hour and a half from work. If I missed one traffic light, I was going to be late. If I was late, I would always have to do extra squats, extra push ups, extra run the ropes. Extra everything! I remember one day (laughs) I was running a little late. “Ah man, I don’t think I’m gonna make it!” So, I put my boots on in the car. I pulled up to the school at 4:58. I went running upstairs in the school and at 4:59 with about 10 seconds to spare, I hopped into the ring. He was like, “Made it on time?”. So, we started. And, Bryan was like, “Who the hell dragged mud into my ring?” Everyone was looking at the bottom of their feet and no one had mud. I look at the bottom of my feet and, of course… I’m the one with mud. So, I had to do extra squats, extra push ups, extra run the ropes… Even though I was on time! (laughs) I came to grips with the idea that I was going to have to do a little bit more than everyone else. In the end, it made me appreciate everything a little bit more. If you ever see me and I’m being hard on a young guy, you know why!”

On rumors that Daniel Bryan could be returning in the ROH ring: “As someone who was a big Bryan Danielson fan and a big Daniel Bryan fan prior to him being my trainer, I would love to see him wrestle again. As someone who works for Ring of Honor, I think we would do great business with him coming back. But, as someone who has known him and as a friend, if he’s not 100% and healthy and is going to put himself at risk, I wouldn’t want him to do that. There is life after wrestling. He’s got a baby now and a wife and other things he’s got to consider. But, if he’s good to go and if he feels he’s good to go… Hey! I’d love to have him back!”

Check out the complete Rhett Titus interview at WrestlingEpicenter.com.

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