Rich Swann Talks To Chris Van Vliet

Rich Swann On Names He Almost Had In WWE, Why He Used His Real Name

After being let go by the WWE, former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann almost retired earlier this year. A domestic violence arrest landed Swann in hot water with WWE management back in December, and he was released from the promotion the following February. Though Swann originally announced on social media he would be walking away from the business following the completion of his commitments in March, he ended up making appearances on the independent scene before ultimately signing with Impact Wrestling. The former WWE Superstar and current Impact Wrestling star recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet for an interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On his stage name and the possibilities he was given during his time in WWE: “There was a little bit of a talk of my name, and I was going to have a little bit of freedom. Couple of names were thrown out to me, one (of them) was Silk Morris. I could’ve made it work, baby! Nobody is as smooth as Silk! But people know me, and I think it was their decision. I already had a little bit of a following from the independent scene, and I had two matches on NXT, one against Baron Corbin and one against the champion at the time, Finn Balor. And they (fans) knew who Rich Swann was. And I don’t think they wanted to change that.”

On where he stands with people in WWE: “I’m on good terms, but no (I’m not in touch with anyone from WWE). I’m with Impact Wrestling. I’ve got a contract with Impact Wrestling, and that’s all we’re in touch with.”

On Impact Wrestling letting him compete on the independent scene while under contract with them: “Yeah, it worked. Freaking Sami Callihan (competes on the independents). They run on Thursdays baby. It isn’t affecting anything they’re doing.”

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