Rick Steiner On His Brother Scott Being Right About TNA & His Beef With Hulk Hogan (Video)

Former Tag Team Champion Rick Steiner recently sat down for a comprehensive interview with Hannibal TV where he talked about the controversy between his brother Scott and WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan. Steiner and Hogan had a highly-publicized beef, including Twitter rants and an alleged incident between Steiner and Hogan’s wife at an airport. Rick says the beef between Scott and Hulk got carried away on Twitter, but that Scott didn’t like Hogan to begin with.

“There were some things being said and my brother brought up some stuff that was pretty personal, that was true that they didn’t want to come out,” Rick said of Scott’s Twitter rants. “I wasn’t there but they said he said something to Hogan’s new wife or new girlfriend or something, I wasn’t there I didn’t see any of it. I know the legality issues of it, there were a couple of lawyers hired, there was some stuff taken out, but my brother ain’t backing down from nobody.”

Scott’s Twitter rants also took aim at his previous employer — TNA. Rick says the things his brother said about the troubled wrestling promotion all ended up being true. Rick feels that people may not like his brother’s approach to airing issues out, but the things he said all ended up coming to light as being true.

As far as Scott’s way with words costing him a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, Rick says that doesn’t matter to the Big Bad Booty Daddy.

“Everybody is worried about ‘Oh, don’t say that, you won’t be in the Hall Of Fame.’ My brother don’t care. He’ll say what he wants to say,” Rick said.

Rick noted that since stepping away from full-time wrestling, his brother has been opening restaurants in Georgia and Florida.

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