Ricky Morton Opens Up About How Difficult It Is To Walk Away From Wrestling

Pro-wrestling legend Ricky Morton from the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express recently joined JBL and Geraldo Brisco on the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw program to discuss the difficulties of stepping away from the ring, and how he was once pitched an option to break up with longtime tag partner Robert Gibson, an offer he declined. Hear his full story below.

On the difficulties of stepping away from the ring:

“You know, it meant so much to me, and even you guys [JBL & Gerald Brisco], I hadn’t seen you guys in a long time but seeing me, we were the boys, you understand me? And you don’t have that no more. You don’t have that. They don’t care about each other and I do, I still care, and I seen Scott Norton not long ago and he told me, he says, ‘Ricky I’ve known you for years.’ He says, ‘You’re the nicest son of a b*tch I’ve ever met in my life.’ I [said], ‘No, I just love the boys’ and that’s all. I don’t have heat. If I got heat with you, I’ll make it up to you, even if it’s not my fault, you know? I just — in a business that I fell in love with, a business that I still love today and it’s hard to walk away. Do you know that Gerry?”

Says there was a pitch to split up him and Robert Gibson years ago but he declined, and they’ve been together ever since:

Dusty [Rhodes], he liked me. He had called me down to the office because he told me, ‘As being a booker, it’s hard sometimes because a lot of guys think the booker pushes himself but what I got in my mind, I don’t have nobody that can do that.’ He said, ‘Ricky Morton, you can do that.’ He says, ‘What I want, you produce.’ He says, ‘I want you to have this run with [Ric] Flair to go on’ but then boy, we did this angle with Flair and holy sh*t dude. I mean I remember the first time we were going to Charlotte. Five minutes, the building was sold out and they moved it out on the football field, that stadium over there by the old building. I mean, God man, it was 30,000 people. The big stadium, we did 30,000 people off that angle and yes, they did talk to me about it [splitting from Robert Gibson]. But I started this with Robert Gibson and I was gonna end it with him because if I would’ve turned away from him, he never — he wouldn’t have a job, because they were gonna get rid of him. The reason they were gonna get rid of him because he had to let people beat him that I’m gonna beat, you know, while I’m doing this and then, to go through another part of this right here, when Robert got hurt, that’s when they turned me heel and the reason they turned me heel and I’ve never even told nobody this before but the reason they turned me heel is because they wanted to team me and Brad Armstrong up to be the new Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and I love Brad. I even named my son after Brad, I got a son named Brad. I loved him, but I couldn’t do that, and after 38 years, me and Robert been together ever since. You know, I’ve been with him longer than my wife and damn I hate her too but I’m just kidding.”

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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