ROH: Final Battle Update

Ring of Honor (ROH) Final Battle Results: Chris Jericho vs. Claudio Castagnoli & more – December 10, 2022

We are the College Park Center in Arlington, Texas for the Ring of Honor Zero Hour, the Final Battle You Tube Pre-show. It looks to be a packed card with 12 announced matches between t he pre show and the Pay Per View.

Our Commentary team is Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman.

Máscara Dorada vs. Jeff Cobb

Both of these men work for New Japan in New Japan Strong.

The Code of Honor is adhered to.

They start by running the ropes, neither getting an advantage. They move to the outside where Cobb shows his strength, and hits a stalling vertical suplex where he slams Dorada into the ring post while holding him in the suplex position. Cobb returns him to the ring and starts to work over Dorada’s back. Dorada hits a series of slaps that do nothing, and Cobb hits a single slap that drops Dorada.

Cobb charges into the corner and Dorada gets a drop toe hold. Dorada then gets a series of high flying attacks ending with a twisting and turning flip over the top. He returns Cobb to the ring and hits a senton from the top rope for a two count.

Cobb is able to stop the high flying attacks by grabbing Dorada form the top and slam him for a two count and then a moonsault for a two count. He tries for Tour of the Islands, and Dorada reverses for a two count. Cobb takes a kick to the head and punches Dorada before his next attack. They go to the second rope and Dorada gets a bulldog for a two count.

They run the ropes and Cobb grabs Dorada when he tries for a pop up power bomb. Cobb gets the Aloha Means Goodbye slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

Jericho Appreciation Society (Angelo Parker and Matt Menard) vs. Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger and Eli Isom)

Caprice says this is what this PPV is about. The Sports Entertainers against the stars of Ring of Honor who are wrestlers.

Parker and Isom shake hands.

Isom gets a quick headlock takeover for a two count. Parker and Parker trade blows and Cheeseburger tags in. Parker demands a handshake and Cheeseburger pauses before the shake, and when Parker goes for a kick, Burger grabs his foot. They fight a bit and Menard tags in. They double team burger when a back breaker, knee strike combination. Menard pounds on Burger in the corner while jawing with the crowd. Parker tags in for a snap suplex and a two count.

Parker and Menard tag in and out, keeping Burger in their corner. Burger finally crawls between their legs to tag in Isom, who cleans house. Isom and Burger go for the Shote (?), but Parker pulls down the rope so that Burger has to go to the outside. JAS hits a double DDT on Isom and cover for the pin and the win.

Winners: Jericho Appreciation Society.

Willow Nightingale vs. Trish Adora

Nice reaction for Willow.

Code of Honor is adhered to.

They lock up collar and elbow and then go to the mat with Willow in control. Trish is able to head scissor Willow and then does Push ups while hold Willow. Willow reverses it and waves at the crowd in the same position Trish did push ups in. They get to their feet and go down again. They run the ropes and go shoulder to shoulder and neither drop. The second time, Willow drops Trish.

Willow comes off the ropes with a full body press into a two count. Willow then attacks Trish in the corner, and Trish is able to break out and get a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Willow then is able to get an enziguiri and both women are down. As they get up, Willow blocks the lariat and Willow lays in the chops. She tosses Trish to the middle of the ring and gets a shotgun drop kick from the second rope. Willow gets a two count.

Trish is able to get Willow up, his a shoulder breaker and holds on, turning it into a stretch hold. The strength here is in impressive. Willow escapes, but Trish is able to get a suplex into a bridge for a two count. Trish keeps up the pressure with chops and charges in the corner. As Trish moves for another charge, Willow hits the pounce. Willow hits the power bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Willow Nightingale

The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Mike Bennet) vs. Top Flight (Darius Martin and Dante Martin)

It’s a conspiracy that The Kingdom are on the pre-show and not the main show.

Code of Honor is adhered to.

Dante starts out with Bennett. Taven jumps Dante and Bennett attacks Dairus, and they use quick tags to work over Dante. Darius is able to tag in after Dante gets a drop kick, and he starts working with Taven. It’s time for Dante and Darius to use quick tags. This is a quick paces match with kicks and flips. Darius gets a two count and things slow down.

He tags in Dante and Dante gets a snap mare, a kick and a cover or one. Things speed up again and the Kingdom starts hitting double team moves on Dante. Dante is able to escape the Proton Pack and tag in Darius so they are doing double team work on Bennett. Maria distracts Darius for Kingdom to take him down and Bennett is able to go work in the corner. Taven tags in and he takes over, but misses just the tip of the knee.

Bennett tags in and they set Darius across Taven’s knees for a drop from the top by Bennett for a two count. Bennett is able to catch a wrist lock during a sequence and holds Darius in the middle of the ring. Darius bridges out and Bennett slaps him back down. They then trade slaps in the middle of the ring until Darius is able to slap Bennett down, who evens it up with a poke to the eyes. Darius gets a Spanish Fly and both men are down.

Dante comes in and does Taven, and Dante has a flurry of offense ending with a standing back flip. Darius is tagged in and gets a pair of two counts, the second broken up by Bennett driving Dante into the pin. Bennett tags in and they get a series of splashes in the corner and then a Spicoli Driver into a tip of the knee for a two count.

Darius is able to reverse a pile driver by flipping Bennett out of the ring so it’s time for a series of leaps and dives. Dante is the ring and Maria tries to distract, and as the ref yells at her, she grab the ref amnd she. Is. Outta Here.

Kingdom tries for a double team move, but Dante knocks Taven off the top. Dante is able to get a top rope flipping DDT as Darius holds Bennett, and it’s time for Top Flight to get the pin and the win.

Winners: Top Flight

The Pay Per View has started and it’s time for the first match!

Blake Christian and A. R. Fox vs. La Facción Ingobernable (Dralístico and Rush)

Dralístico tosses his clothing at Blake and we have NO code of honor.

Blake and Dralístico start off with arm bars and wrist locks. They move to running the ropes and neither go down with shoulder tackles the first times, but after the second, Blake is dropped. They move to take downs and popping up. Blake calls for a handshake and it’s ignored and he gets a slap instead.

Rush and Fox tag in. They start by slapping and chopping each other. Rush finally drops Fox with a punch. Fox is able to get a kick to the back of Rush’s head and Blake is tagged in. Rush is able to take Blake out of the ring and tosses him repeatedly into barricades. Rush grabs the cords and chokes Blake on the floor. Dralístico slams Fox into the steel stairs on the other side of the ring.

In the ring again, Dralístico beats down Blake in the corner. Taking Blake to his corner, Rush and Dralístico work him over with quick tags. They keep Blake down as the mime kicking a football. After Dralístico pulls him up, Blake is able to get a suplex so that he can make the tag to Fox. Fox gets a series of kicks, but it’s all stopped with Rush coming into the ring and taking him down with chops. Fox is able to get Dralístico out of the ring, and Blake tosses Rush out of the ring so it’s dive time.

Fox sets Dralístico on the top, but when he leaps up, Rush pulls him down. Blake tries to leap into Rush and Rush tosses him into the barricade. Fox is tossed into the ring for Dralístico to cover for a two and Blake comes in late with a 450 from the top. Fox gets a sling blade flatliner, and Blake gets a leaping DDT and Fox follows with a 450 for a cover and a three count.

Winners: Blake Christian and A. R. Fox

Fox thought it was a 2 and was questioning until the ref told him it was three and he won. Rush and Dralístico attack them after the bell with chairs. Rush and Dralístico leave when they feel they have done enough damage.

Mercedes Martinez (ROH Women’s World Champion) vs. Athena

Mercedes starts with a punch to the face and then stomps Athena down in the corner. Athena fights her way out of the corner and then start battling in the middle of the ring with chops and forearms. Athena turns the tide with a poke to the eye and then beats her down into the corner. Athena does a series fo flips and then stops to give Mercedes a backhand. They go to the middle of the ring where Mercedes gets a spine buster and a two count.

Mercedes locks on a read chinlock from a kneeling position to get more leverage. Athena gets out with elbow strikes. Athena trips Mercedes into the second rope. She then drives Mercedes into the mat and goes to the top. Mercedes kicks Athena to stop her. They fight on the top and whenever Mercedes gets an advantage, they crowd boos her loudly.

After they fight back and forth, Athena is able to pull Mercedes off the top and slam her. She then hits a super kick and covers Mercedes for two. Athena keeps waistlock on but Mercedes escapes with a strike in the jaw and then hits a half and half suplex and a t-bone slam next. Then a stalling brain buster and a two count. Mercedes locks in a Texas cloverleaf with Athena on her stomach. Athena is able to get into the ropes.

They go to the top and Athena is able to slam Mercedes into the apron. Athena pulls her to the floor and tosses her into the barricade. Athena charges and no one is home. They keep fighting and Mercedes is first back in the ring and she bows to the boos from the crowd.

Athena gets into the ring and gets a quick rollup for two and Mercedes is able to take Athena down and clotheslines her down. Mercedes starts to set up for the brass city sleeper, but Athena fights her way free. The each dump each other over, and when Athena covers, Mercedes goes into the ropes for the break. Athena loses her cool and pulls off the turnbuckle corner.

Athena goes for a pop up power bomb and Mercedes blocks it and covers for two. Athena is then able to shove Mercedes into the exposed turnbuckle. Athena hits the O face for the pin and the win.

Winner and New Women’s ROH Champion: Athena

Swerve In Our Glory (Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee) vs. Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor and JD Griffey)

Keith Lee goes to shake Swerve’s hand and Swerve leaves him hanging.

Swerve and Griffey start out. They take swings at each other and Griffey takes Swerve to the corner. Swerve reverses and gets in a series of knees. Griffey is able to take Serve down and locks on a read naked choke until Swerve is able to lean back and get a two count. They fight to Swerves’ corner. Lee is tagged in.

Lee calls for a greco-roman knuckle lock and Griffey kicks him instead. They then throw hands and Griffey gets in a series of kicks before Lee shoves him down. They crowd is chanting loudly from Shane, so Shane tags in. Swerve tags himself in. Swerve gets a head scissors takeover and then gets a lot of strikes and leaps. Shane finally gets a clothesline and Swerve goes down and is covered for two.

As Griffey holds Swerve, Shane gets a leg drop on the apron and covers for two. Swerve is able to get up and fights his way to tag Lee. Lee takes his time getting in the ring, and he and Shane circle each other. They throw hands in the middle of the ring and each stagger the other. Shane goes to the top and Lee catches him. Shane is able to get a knee and Griffey holds Lee as Shane goes to the ropes. Swerve gets the low bridge and then tags in. Lee is holds Griffey up and he dodges two kicks from Swerve, one from the top.

Griffey gets Lee out of the ring. He tries a leap onto Lee, and Lee catches him and puts him down slowly. Swerve kicks Griffey. Shane is able t5o grab Swerve and slam him down for a two count and Lee doesn’t move t5o break it up. Griffey tags in and goes after Swerve with strikes and kicks. Griffey is able to get a face buster on the knee and covers for two. He then locks in a triangle choke on Swerve.

Shane pulls Lee off the apron and then goes into the ring and gets on the second rope. Swerve breaks out do the choke and Lee hits a moonsault onto Griffey. All four men are in the ring and it’s time to throw hands. At the end of it, Lee accidentally nails Swerve and drops him. Shane picks up Lee and slams him for a two count. After a second two count, Griffey is tagged in.

We then see Swerve is backing up the ramp to the stage. Shane and Griffey take down Lee with kick, but when Griffey goes for the knockout kick, he nails Shane. Lee is able to get the modified F5 for the pin and the win.

Winners: Swerve In Our Glory (Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee)

Dalton Castle and The Boys (Brandon Tate and Brent Tate) (ROH Six Man Champions) vs. The Embassy (Brian Cage and Gates of Agony (Bishop Kaun and Toa Liona) (with Prince Nana)

Dalton starts with Kaun, who ignores the handshake offer. They lock up and Kaun shoves them to the corner, and Dalton escapes and goes to the outside to recover. Dalton comes in with a shoulder tackle and Cage is tagged in. Brandon is tagged in and Cage does curls with him, but Brandon is able to get a schoolboy for a two count. Brandon then dodges until Cage is out of the ring. Toa comes in and starts hitting power moves, but Dalton is able to toss him out of the ring. They leap at The Embassy but get caught, and Dalton is slammed inside the ring.

Cage goes back to his work on Brent. Kaun tags in and keeps up the beat down. Toa is tagged in and does a back slam on Brent. Cage is tagged in and then slams Brent from the top. Kaun isn’t tagged, but the Ref heard Cage clapping his hands, and Brent is able to get a DDT to tag in Dalton, who cleans house.

Everyone gets a suplex from Dalton.

Dalton tosses the Boys into the Embassy on the outside and then hits a big knee on Cage for a two count. Dalton tags in Brandon and Kaun tosses Brandon off the top and Toa tags in. Brandon gets a jawbreaker and leaps into Toa’s arms. Brent tries kicks and Toa is able to grab both Boys and hit s a double Samoan backdrop. Toa covers both for two.

Kaun tags in and gets the big knee. Cage tags in and Gates of Agony try to toss Brandon into Cage, but he escapees. And all six men are in the ring. After everyone gets their attacks in, Cage hits the brain buster on one fo the Boys. Dalton gets the running bulldog. Dalton gets irritated with Nana and tries to attack him, but Toa tosses Brandon into Dalton. All six members of The Embassy are in the ring and slam Brandon and Cage holds him for the pin and he win.

Winners and New ROH Six Man Champions: The Embassy.

Lexi Nair is with Top Flight. Menard and Parker interrupt them and a fight breaks out! They fight spills out on to the stage. Referees pull the apart. Menard and Parker get into the ring with a mic and Parker asks if the crowd is nostalgic. They run down Ring of Honor as garbage flippy floppy wrestlers and only Chris Jericho can resurrect it. Menard pulls out the bucket hat and says when Claudio loses, he will be in a tag team with Jake Hager called The Hat Trick. Thankfully, Wheeler Yuta come to the ring to cut him off.

Daniel Garcia (Pure Wrestling Champion) vs. Wheeler Yuta

Our judges are Christopher Daniels, BJ Whitmer and Jerry Lynn

They start immediately with throwing forearms. Garcia gets a warning for a closed fist to the face, and Yuta does the exact same. They go to the outside and fight on the floor. When they get on the apron, Garcia stands on Yuta’s face on the metal joint leading to the buckle. As Yuta is grabbing at Garcia, Garcia kicks Yuta’s foot out from under him and he drops to the floor again. Garcia tosses Yuta into the ring.

They trade chops and kicks in the ring and Garcia wraps Yuta into the ropes and Yuta has to use a rope break. Garcia keeps control and then gets a surfboard in the ropes. When they break, this is Yuta’s second rope break. Garcia is able to get back in the ring for a two count and then kneels on Yuta’s throat. Garcia locks on a cravate, gets a snap mare take over. They trade slaps and Yuta goes down. Garcia gets a modified surfboard and stomps Yuta into the mat. He covers Yuta for a two count.

Yuta is able to fight out of a headlock and gets a flurry of offense. He leaps into a chop from Garcia, who then locks in a dragon sleeper. Yuta has to go to the ropes for his final rope break. Garcia holds Yuta down and gets a series of kicks. Yuta is able to flip Garcia up and over for a two count. Yuta then gets a series of moves on Garcia and tries for a high angle slam, but Garcia reverses in and is able to lock on the sharp shooter.

Yuta is able to reverse it and turns it into a crossface. Yuta is able to get an inside cradle for a two count. They start slapping again and they fight corner to cover with Garcia hitting a drop kick and Garcia is able to hit the same move. Yuta is able to get a quick brain buster and both men are down.

They start slapping and Garcia goes down. Yuta pulls Garcia to his feet and they struggle for control. Yuta gets a German suplex and a high angle slam and covers for two. Yuta goes to the top and gets caught by Garcia getting the knees up. Garcia spikes Yuta for two. Garcia goes back to the sharp shooter. Yuta has no rope breaks so instead he pulls over Garcia and grabs a chin lock, and when they break, Garcia is NOT charged for a rope break.

This is a fantastic pure match.

They fight on the apron. Garcia goes for a pile driver on the apron, but Yuta reverses it into a backdrop. Yuta is able to get a pile driver for a two count. Yuta starts the hammer and anvil elbow and covers for two. He goes back to hammer and anvil blows until Garcia passes out.

Your winner and New Ring of Honor Pure Champion: Wheeler Yuta

They shake hands after the match.

FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) (Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions) vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe) in a Dog Collar Match

The Briscoes charge after a brief tug of war and this is just gonna be a brawl. It’s Cash and Mark, as well as Dax and Jay. The brawl immediately goes outside the ring. Dax and Jay go into the crowd. Mark is busted open and they stay near the ring before they go to the stage. Mark knocks Cash down the stage stairs and then leaps onto him on the floor.

They are showing this is split screen. Jay and Dax get back to the ring and go into the ring and Dax suplexes Jay twice. Cash ties Mark to the ring post with the chains. Mark is able to escape and they enter the ring as well. Mark and Jay double team Dax. They beat Dax down with chains wrapped around their fists. Jay stays in the ring and chokes Dax with the chain.

Outside the ring, Cash is down. Jay starts pounding on Dax in the corner. A chair is set up in the corner. Jay tries to toss Dax into the chair, but Dax reverses it. Mark and Cash get into the ring and it’s time for FTR to double team Mark. Jay is now busted open on the floor. FTR hits the Doomsday Device on Mark and Jay breaks it up. All four men are now busted open and FTR is in control.

Cash chokes Mark with the chain as Mark is on his back. Mark then goers over the t op rope and Cash holds on to hang him over the top. Jay tosses Dax into the ropes to break the choke. Briscoes are in control now and they hold Cash for a leap from the top by Mark. Froggy Bo with the chain and a two count.

Mark starts piling up chairs outside the ring as Jay beats down Dax. Mark then grabs tables and sets them up. Cash is able to get control and tries to suplex Mark onto the chair, but they drop in front of the chairs. Dax is on the top and Jay joins him. They struggle and Dax knocks down Jay and wraps the chain around his own head. He hits a head butt from the top holding onto the chain.

EVERYONE is struggling to get up, but Dax is up first. He wraps the chain around his fist and goes after Jay. When Dax rears back, Jay pulls the ref into Dax’s blow. AND NOW THE REF IS BUSTED OPEN.

Dax and Jay just start punching each other. Jay ends it with a back suplex. Mark and Cash go to the ring and fight on the apron. Cash is able to slam Mark on the apron. Mark is laid out on the table and Cash goes to the top, but Mark pops up and drags him down. The fight on the apron and Cash drops to the floor. Cash gets on the apron and Mark drops kicks him to the floor and then puts him on the table.

Jay puts Dax on top for the Doomsday Device. Cash is able to get up and pulls Mark onto the pile of steel chairs. Jay is able to get the Jay Driller on Dax on the chain for a two count.

Jay brings in a chair and starts in on Dax. Cash tries to come in and Jay beats him with a chair and then Jay tries for a Jay driller. Dax is able to reverse it into a pile driver onto the chair for a two count.

Dax has the chair and Cash tosses a chair in while yelling to f#@$ing murder him. Dax makes a pile of chairs. He puts Jay on the top. They fight on the top and Jay escapes out the back and uses the chain to crotch Dax. They go back up and Jay hits the super plex into the chairs. Cash can’t get into the ring because Mark is pulling on the chain. Jay gets a two count only. Jay wraps the chain into Dax’s mouth and pulls back, and Cash taps out as Dax can’t take any more.

Winners and New Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes

That may the most violent match I have seen all year.

After the match, the Gunn Club comes to the ring and beats down FTR. They say they will kill the legacy of FTR. The Briscoes return to the ring to drive them off.

Dax says after they leave that their mission is to beat the Gunn Club’s ass. The refs hold all four men’s hands in the air.

Samoa Joe (ROH TV Champion) vs. Juice Robinson

They trade arm bars to start and then it turns to blows. Then the blows get stiff. Joe is able to beat Juice into the corner and Juice is able to get free with an eye poke and then he hits a back drop on Joe. He mounts Joe and pounds away. Juice tries for a leaping back drop and Joe grabs him to try to get a sleeper. Juice goes to the outside and Joe follows and they fight on the outside.

Joe pulls up the mat and tries a suplex, but Juice escapes out the back and they trade chokes. Juice pushes off the ring, knocking Joe into the barricade. Juice they leaps from the ring into Joe.

Tony Deppen, from ROH TV champion is watching from the crowd.

They return to the ring and when Juice charges Joe, Joe slams him with a uranage. Juice is on the outside and Joe charges from the ring and leaps into Juice. Joe keeps up the attack on the outside and then rolls Juice into the ring. Joe then locks in a neck wrench. Juice fights his way up And hits a series of elbows and Joe just drops him to the mat and covers for 2.

Joe hits Juice with head butts, knocking him back down. Joe keeps him down with strikes. Juice starts getting in jabs as well. Joe stops fighting back. Joe is able to recover with a reverse atomic drop and then a senton. Joe covers for two, but Juice puts a foot on the rope. Joe tells the referee that Juice is done. Joe starts with jabs again. Joe comes off the ropes, and Juice is able to get a quick slam on Joe. Joe goes to the corner and starts with jabs again. He then hits a cannonball on Joe in the corner.

Juice goes to the top and hits a high fly flow for a two count. Joe is able to reverse a slam attempt with a back drop and then follows up with a gut wrench power bomb for two. He quickly locks in a crossface. Juice tries to swing around and finally gets to the ropes for a break.

Joe pulls Juice up and into the corner. He puts Juice on the top for the Muscle Buster but Juice gets a sunset flip for a two count. Juice follows with a big kick. He takes time to follow up. He goes to the top and Joe runs into the ropes, dropping him crotch first on the ropes. Joe puts him on the top sna dgets the Muscle Buster for the pin and the win.

Winner and still ROH TV Champion: Samoa Joe

A solid match to bring the crowd down.

Chris Jericho (ROH World Champion) vs. Claudio Castagnoli

I wish that that the crowd would reject the singing of “Judas” like how other fans have rejected this sort of thing when they support “True Wrestling”.

Jericho gives a kick rather than a handshake. And Claudio takes over. Tossing Jericho to the outside. Across the announcer’s tables causing the commentary team to scatter. Claudio hits a crossbody and then this the hammer and anvil elbows. It’s then time for running uppercuts in the corner.

Commentary team comes back and Jericho tries for a code breaker but Claudio powers out of it. They each try finishing maneuvers and Claudio hits the neutralizer for a two count. Claudio starts slamming Jericho’s head into the top turnbuckle and lifts Jericho with a gut wrench suplex from the top. Claudio power lifts Jericho and drops him on the top rope and then sends him to the outside with a big kick.

Claudio tries for a leaping cannonball to the floor, but Jericho dodges it. They fight on the outside with Jericho driving Claudio in to the ring post. Jericho gives Claudio kicks to the back in the ring and then he hits a side suplex. Claudio recovers with uppercuts. Jericho responds with chops and then knee lifts. Claudio pops up Jericho for an uppercut and a two count.

Claudio tries for a neutralizer, but his back won’t allow it. Jericho is able to take over with clotheslines in the corner. Jericho puts Claudio on the top and mounts for blows. Jericho tries for a hurricanrana and Claudio blocks it and gets blows of his own. He stands up and Jericho reverses it into a hurrancanrana and a two count.

Jericho keeps Claudio down with disdainful kicks. Claudio gets to his feet and Claudio takes over with upper cuts. Claudio blocks a code breaker. Jericho is able to clothesline Claudio over the top. Claudio gets on the apron and when Jericho tries the springboard kick, Claudio hits an uppercut. They struggle on the apron and Jericho is able to get a suplex to the floor. Both men struggle to get up. They get back in the ring at 9.

They struggle to get up. They trade shots on their knees. Jericho has control and keeps up with forearm shots. Jericho then runs into a big boot. Claudio starts to port up. They hit a double clothesline. They fight on their knees again, to their feet and trade blows. They both drop to their knees. They are up again and after Claudio gets poked in the eye, Claudio starts the big swing. Jericho escapes and gets the walls of Jericho.

Claudio crawls to the ropes but Jericho pulls him back before he grabs them. Claudio is finally able to get the ropes for a break, and Jericho things he won. The ref tells him he hasn’t. Jericho runs into an uppercut. Parker and Menard come to the ring and Jericho is given the bat and nails Claudio with it.

Jericho covers and only gets a two. The ref tosses Parker and Menard. Jericho is up first and he pulls Claudio up, but Claudio gets a small package. Jericho gets the Codebreaker, finally. Jericho waits for Claudio to get up. Claudio is up and when Jericho goes for the Judas effect, Claudio gets him int eh big swing. After 40 revolutions, Jericho taps out.

Winner and New Ring of Honor World Champion: Claudio Castagnoli

Wheeler Yuta comes to the ring to celebrate with him. Jerry Lynn joins him in the ring as Claudio is catching streamers.

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