Road Dogg Says He Doesn’t Know If Cult of Personality Defines CM Punk Or Not

WWE producer and wrestling legend Road Dogg recently took to an episode of his “Oh… You Didn’t Know?” podcast, where he spoke about a number of topics such as how CM Punk buying the rights to use Cult Of Personality as his entrance theme music makes zero sense to him as well as how he doesn’t know if the song defines the former AEW World Champion or not.

Road Dogg said:

“Buying ‘Cult of Personality’ for CM Punk makes zero sense to me. Yes that was his theme song for a minute, but why? [Whatever song they would’ve picked for his return] would’ve been fine, it would’ve been CM Punk’s new song and they could’ve found one in a music library that was close enough to where we can either copy this, rip it off a little bit, change it a little bit and own it, or we can just use that one, pay the library costs. I don’t know, I don’t think the’ Cult of Personality’ defines him in my mind or not. I don’t know if I’m just bringing that up because I’m negative about him all the time.”

You can check out Road Dogg’s comments at this link. H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcribing the above quotes.

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