Rob Van Dam Tells Story Of Kissing WWE Hall of Famer’s Feet For Money

On the latest episode of WWE Icons WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam spoke about his journey into the pro-wrestling business, and even shared a story of a time he was selected from a crowd by the legendary Ted DiBiase, who paid RVD, then a child, $100 to kiss his feet. Hear the ECW original’s full story below.

Recalls getting into wrestling at a young age:

“My friends would watch professional wrestling. I just remember them talking about some of the names and I was laughing, like, ‘That sounds ridiculous! Brutus Beefcake. Big John Studd.’ They were like, ‘No, no it’s cool, you should come and watch it.’ I saw Corporal Kirchner being attacked by The Iron Sheik and I was hooked. It was the very first live match that the thought got put into my head that I wanted to be a pro wrestler.”

Says Ted DiBiase chose him from the crowd and he made $100 to kiss his feet:

“During this time when I’m going to these live matches that were shown at The Kellogg Center, they were going to be filming a vignette for TV to promote Ted DiBiase, The Million Dollar Man. He came down to the ring and the cameras were on him and he said he’d take a volunteer from the crowd. We were just screaming. My friend Dango, he’ll always say that he pointed at him and that I just jumped the guardrail, but I got in the ring. I was so excited. We saw the vignettes. We saw what he was doing, proving that everybody’s got a price, and you can only say no so many times before the offer changes your mind. I knew all about that but I wasn’t thinking straight. I was the worst negotiator ever. I could have made $500. It was my first wrestling money that I ever made. It was real money. $100.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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