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Robbie E. Talks TNA Management Changes, His Stint On The Amazing Race

Impact Wrestling performer Robbie E. recently appeared as a guest on the Wrestling Epicenter and spoke about the recent ownership / management changes in TNA, his stint on “The Amazing Race” and more. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the recent ownership / management changes in Impact Wrestling: “The thing is, change is always good. So, when people hear things, new faces, guys gone… Right away, it is like “Oh my God” into the negative. “How is it going to be this with this, how is it going to be that with that.” It is change! It is good! It gets people talking! Make it different! New people are in charge. A lot of things have to be done to #MakeImpactGreatAgain. That is what is going to happen! Fresh faces are a good thing. It is time for some changes in TNA… Impact Wrestling now, no more TNA. Things have to be different and that is what you’re going to get.”

On his longevity in Impact Wrestling: “It is kind of crazy, isn’t it? If you really think about it, I debuted in 2010. It has been almost 7 years since my on television debut. Abyss, James Storm, Gail Kim was in and out… Madison Rayne. There are really only a handful… Some of the referees. But, it is crazy that Robbie E is a veteran in Impact Wrestling. Dude, I’ve been through so much and so many different people in charge that I always think there is a place for a Robbie E. I’m different than everyone else. I think there should be all different kind of things in wrestling. I find that no one is like me and no one will ever be like me. Wrestling is confidence. You have to be confident inside and outside of the ring. I’m confident enough to say there is only one Robbie E!”

On his stint on “The Amazing Race” reality competition / TV show: “Dude, it is a once in a lifetime experience that most people don’t get once in a lifetime. It was so surreal. It happened over a month. You’re traveling so many places. You’re living out of a back pack. Everyone looked at us, even the others on the show, like “These two are super stupid.” Which, we kind of are! We were definitely the team that should have been off really early and somehow we made it to the finals! I’m proud of how far the team made it. Do I wish I had ran the race with somebody different? Of course I do! But, I still think I was awesome on the show. (laughs)”

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