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The Rock Reveals WWE Push Was Almost Sabotaged On “Meeting The Undertaker” Documentary

On the new WWE network documentary “Meeting the Undertaker” former superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed that there were a handful of guys who attempted to stop his push back in the midst of the Attitude Era. This is something that WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart initially spoke about on his Confessions of the Hitman show, which the Great One has now confirmed.

This is stuff I’ve never shared but I do want to share it because it’s important. When I started to make the move [up the card] and word got around that the office was priming me for a WWE Championship run, there were a handful of guys in the business at the time who did everything they could to stop that run from happening.

Rocky later adds that the Undertaker was the one who stood up for him, even predicting that he had a big future ahead of him.

He was always so steady, telling me, ‘Don’t worry about it, kid. Just go out and keep doing your thing. You have a hell of a future.’

He also says that the Deadman used to joke with him about getting older.

He would always ask me, ‘you hit 30 yet?’ Every time, I would said ‘no’ and he’d be like, ‘oh, s**t. One day, you will and your bones will be sore.'”I always appreciated that about Mark. It spoke volumes about his integrity and love for the business. And I’ll always be grateful for that.

You can watch Meeting the Undertaker on the WWE Network.

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