SmackDown 1000 Updates

The Rock/SmackDown 1000 Update, Batista’s WWE Return, Christian Returning?

According to Mike Johnson at PWInsider, The Rock is expected to be featured in some capacity on the upcoming Smackdown 1000 show next week. He suggests that it is more likely to be a pre-taped video format with a message for the audience but having the Rock appear live also cannot be ruled out.

Batista is making his return to WWE TV at Smackdown 1000 as well and the latest rumors suggest that WWE could either set up a program for him that will lead to a return to the ring later this year or perhaps plant the seeds for that to happen.

PWInsider also reports that there has been no rumblings of former multi-time tag team champion Christian making an appearance at Smackdown 1000 next week. Christian’s long time partner Edge has already been announced by WWE as returning to host a special edition of his talk show “The Cutting Edge.”

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