Rodney Mack Talks Viral SWE Incident (Video)

At a recent Southwest Wrestling Entertainment event, former WWE talent Rodney Mack went viral, after knocking out a rowdy fan.

Earlier this week, Mack spoke with WrestlingInc., where he shared his side of the story. Rodney also explained how he became involved with SWE, and more. Check out his comments below.

On the incident with a fan:

“We were just doing our thing out there. It was just instinct. I just saw something out of my peripheral vision, and I just saw Charlie(Haas) and then it was just instinct. I just reacted. I have [gotten physical with a fan] quite a few times. I would guess maybe three or four different times.”

On how he became a part of the SWE roster:

“James Beard was the guy that originally contacted me, but I’ve also known Tom, through Rod Price since I actually got into the business at my first trip to Texas,” Mack said. “I met Tom and had worked with Tom Lance previously before, but James Beard reached out to me, contacted Jazz and myself and told us that he was doing the deal with Tom. Every time James does something, he always involves Jazz and myself. We jumped right on it, and the rest has been history. It’s grown tremendously. I remember the first show I was with him in Canton, I think there was only maybe 40 people. Of course, there was only room for that many, and here it is now.”

On fans returning to events:

“It’s a blessing. For me, it’s a dream come true because right now, I feel like I finally got my break. Myself and Charlie, we finally feel that now is the time after all this time. Now is our time to shine. It was great being able to do what we do in front of the people. There’s no other feeling. Honestly, I feel like I’m 15 years younger. I feel fresh. I’ve been working out two – three times a day. Mentally, physically, I feel great.”

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