ROH Issues Apology

ROH Apologizes For Honor Re-United Tour Streaming Issues

Houston, we have a problem.

Ring of Honor (ROH) officials took to their official website this week to apologize for issues related to streaming the ROH Honor Re-United tour events. released the following announcement today:

ROH Officials Comment On Honor Re-United Tour Streaming

HonorClub members,

First and foremost, we apologize. Heading into the UK Tour, we were faced with a situation where we would have to forego streaming the tour live but due to our great relationship with FITE, we opted for a solution that would still allow the events to be seen as they happen.

In hindsight, this did not feel fair to you and that is never our intent. All three events are available now for HonorClub members and we will do everything in our power to assure that all touring shows will be presented live going forward.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ring of Honor

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