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ROH GM, NWA VP & Others On Success Of ALL IN, How It Affects WWE

The Ringer recently published an article chronicling the success of ALL IN and Starrcast this past weekend. The story features quotes from Conrad Thompson on the Starrcast convention, NWA Vice President David Lagana, ROH General Manager Greg Gilleland and wrestlers Christopher Daniels and Scorpio Sky. Featured below are some of the highlights.

Conrad Thompson on Starrcast: “Originally we were hoping we could sell 800 tickets. [It wound up] over 8,000. … It’s a multiple of everything we ever hoped [for].”

Scorpio Sky on the power of using the Being The Elite series: “The power behind that show, if you just look at us and how our careers have grown even in the last few months … it’s up there, if not the biggest thing I’ve ever even done in my wrestling career.”

David Lagana on ALL IN and how it affected The Elite’s career options: ”It’s all part of this revolution that you don’t need to have a billion-dollar company behind you, if you want to do it. You have to understand what an audience wants. It’s not money. They will support you to the end of the fucking earth if they believe in your message.”

“These guys [The Elite] have leverage to create for themselves. They [could] go, ‘Hm, I could make this much doing autographs. We do six shows a year and we put it on our YouTube channel and charge for it as pay-per-view [and] I don’t have to give anybody a cut.’”

Greg Gilleland on ALL IN and how it affects WWE: “This isn’t really competition to anything. It’s its own show. This is a unification of the industry—of many, many pieces of the industry. It’s a great festival. It’s a great celebration. So why not let it happen?”

“None of this is dinging them [WWE] one bit. They’re going to take whatever talent that they want, whenever they want, because they can make millions of dollars.”

Christopher Daniels on how ALL IN affects the independent wrestling landscape: “The iron is hot and so they’ll think, ‘This is the time to strike.’ You’re going to see people taking a chance on independent professional wrestling because they see now ‘Oh, there’s an interest, there’s a fan base and we can capitalize on that.’”

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