Roman Reigns Returns At WWE SummerSlam 2020

Roman Reigns, Attacks New Universal Champion “The Fiend” & Braun Strowman To End WWE SummerSlam PPV

We never saw it coming.

“The Big Dog” of WWE returned to reclaim his yard at the close of the 2020 WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view on Sunday night.

The main event of “The Biggest Party of the Summer” saw the WWE Universal Championship change hands, as “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt defeated “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman to capture the title.

However, the night was far from over.

As “The Fiend” celebrated in the ring with his newly won Universal Title, out of nowhere, Roman Reigns made his surprise return to WWE.

“The Big Dog” sprinted down to the ring, taking out “The Fiend” inside the squared circle before exiting the ring and taking out former WWE Universal Champion Strowman as well, beating him down with a steel chair over-and-over again.

Reigns re-entered the ring to take out “The Fiend” once more before the WWE SummerSlam PPV broadcast went off the air with Reigns holding the Universal Title above his head.

Watch video footage of Roman Reigns’ shocking return to WWE at the SummerSlam 2020 pay-per-view on Sunday night below.

For those who missed “The Biggest Party of the Summer” this weekend, check out our detailed PPV recap right here at via the following link:


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