Roman Reigns Continues to be Linked to Steroid Distributor; Impact to WWE Storylines

— Roman Reigns’ links to a convincted steroid dealer continue to be a story, as the people involved are further claiming that they have proof of Reigns’ involvement in purchasing these substances and will reveal them in the coming weeks.

— The only comment from WWE has been from Reigns himself, who has denied even knowing the dealer in question, while the company is treating this like a non-story. However, if any evidence or documentation emerges, it is unclear how WWE will handle the situation.

— WWE has thus far not even considered changing any of their WrestleMania plans, which revolve around Reigns, but if and when any evidence is brought to light, it would likely force the company to completely overhaul their WrestleMania plans since Reigns would be headed for a 60-day suspension due to already having been suspended once before in 2011.

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