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Roman Reigns Fires Back At WWE Fans Criticizing Him On Social Media

Roman Reigns has been dealing with some of his “fans” on social media this week, responding to some criticism he received from fans on topics such as the way he holds his WWE United States Championship belt, why he isn’t as “Phenomenal” as AJ Styles and why he receives so much support on social media but not at WWE live events.

First up, a fan took Reigns to task for the way he has been holding his title belt. The fan said it looks like he’s carrying or wearing a book bag and noted that it comes off as disrespectful. Reigns responded by telling the fan, “It’s not how you hold it. It’s how you defend it. So how about… You worry about you and I’ll worry about me!”

From there, Reigns addressed a fan who simply asked him, “When you gonna be as phenomenal as [AJ Styles]?” Reigns fired back to the fan with a tweet that read, “[Laughs] Pretty sure I beat him not once but twice. You can watch it back on the WWE Network?”

Finally, the same fan that made the previous AJ Styles comment sent another tweet where he seemed to be commenting on getting flack from a bunch of Reigns fans after his initial comment. After pointing out how much support he seemed to find out Reigns has on Twitter, the fan questioned where all those people are in the crowd at WWE’s live events. To that, Reigns replied, “Stop tweeting at work and earn some money. Then you’ll be able to attend a live event and experience it yourself. Good luck.”

You can check out these exchanges between Reigns and members of the WWE Universe below.

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