Roman Reigns To Make An Announcement On Monday's Show

Roman Reigns Reportedly Heated at Kevin Owens Over WWE Survivor Series Spot

— After a successful WarGames match and his return to the backstage area, Roman Reigns was apparently not pleased at a particular spot in the match between himself and Kevin Owens.

— According to a report by, Reigns was “visibly upset” after the Survivor Series main event, reportedly taking exception to what he felt was an unplanned spot between him and Owens. Reigns was also overheard complaining about a possible ruptured ear drum, though it’s unclear exactly what spot he was referring to. The report adds that Reigns was upset that the spot didn’t go as originally planned and his displeasure was communicated in an “expletive filled” outburst that made it clear to everyone backstage that he was not happy. He ended up skipping the post-Survivor Series press conference that he was originally scheduled for.

— It is not believed that any heat in regards to the situation would linger and those that were there suggested it was more an emotional outburst said in the “heat of the moment” and there was also no argument or physical altercation of any kind. Sources noted that they expect Reigns and Owens to continue to work together despite this issue and one person even suggested that if there were any ongoing problems, the two would simply sit and down about it directly.

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