Roman Reigns Appears On WWE: Straight To The Source

Roman Reigns On The Shield Reuniting, Being “Polarizing Figure” To WWE Fans

As noted, Roman Reigns was the featured guest on the first episode of the new WWE Network original series, “WWE: Straight To The Source”. Featured below are some of the highlights from Corey Graves’ interview with the WWE Intercontinental Champion.

On The Shield reuniting this year: “To be honest, it’s kinda just been crazy. I was in St. Louis for the vacation and from there (Hurricane) Irma hit along with being on tour in Australia, I feel like my life has moved so fast in the past like six months. I haven’t had a good opportunity to really take it in like, ‘Man, we’re back together with The Shield, it’s me, Dean, and Seth.’ For some reason looking back it seems like we were together for two or three years, but it was only about a year-and-a-half, but then we did so much on our own. That was kind of a different transition. We didn’t realize how much we did individually and how strong we became as solo performers. We’re a team of top guys. To bring it all back together, it’s a different band, it’s a different group now. So having it sit on me right now, it feels really good. We haven’t missed a beat. Our chemistry is just on point.”

On being a “polarizing figure” to the WWE Universe: “I love it. And it’s weird because like I want them to do what they want, but I want to go out and know in my heart and in my soul that I put everything into this. That is the best reaction you can get because every night it’s a reaction. Regardless of if you like me or not, you’re going to make some kind of noise. Nobody wants quiet. Empty seats and no noise is a bad thing. As long as they fill up, I always say do what you want to do. You paid your hard earned money. Have a good time because you know how it is. We’ve been broke before [to Graves]. We’ve been on your floor eating Thanksgiving dinner. So if you’re going to spend your hard earned money, have a good time with your kids, enjoy the money that you spend. Just stay safe, don’t do anything stupid and get kicked out, and have a good time.”

On whether or not he feels he is the top Superstar in WWE right now: “Every day of the week… I’m the best performer in-ring in the world right now. You can go to match matches and my pay-per-views over the last three years and you can say I’m an idiot or you can be like, ‘Man, he has a point.'”

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