Roman Reigns Talks About Fans Booing Him (Video)

Roman Reigns recently appeared on CBS Sports’ Boomer and Carton where he discussed the mixed crowd reactions to him that we hear every week on RAW. One of the hosts brought up that Reigns is a “good guy” character who gets booed, and asked Reigns if the fans are rebelling against what they know WWE’s writers want.

Reigns replied that it’s about what the fans want and if that entails booing him, so be it. “I’m a grown man, I got kids,” Reigns said, borrowing a phrase from Heath Slater. “I can handle it.”

The former World Heavyweight Champion says the fans are nicer when face-to-face, and that he’s never met a “hater” in person. Reigns also talked about his football career during the interview, which you can listen to at

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