Ronda Rousey & AEW Updates

Ronda Rousey Forgets Her RAW Title At WWE Live Event, Backstage AEW Updates

At last weekend’s house shows, Ronda Rousey forgot her Raw women’s title belt at home. There are actually two sets of belts in play – one that the office keeps that is kept all shiny and used on TV shows and the other is one that has more “wear and tear” that the champion keeps and is supposed to bring with him/her to house shows. Whether it was a rookie mistake or whether Rousey thought the belt wasn’t needed since she usually works tag team matches at non-TV events, WWE had to rush in a replica women’s title belt for her singles matches.

One of All Elite Wrestling’s marketing ideas to keep their wrestlers’ names in the news and in social media is to do “surprise” independent appearances. The idea is they want the promotions to keep it quiet but at the last minute, the talent would do a quick tease on Twitter before appearing.

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